From trains, planes and automobiles, to sailing boats, its been almost a decade of manufacturing success for MTAG Composites Ltd – and it all began with one man in his shed!



Nick Maltby launched the company over 9 years ago from his home near Boston, Lincolnshire; today MTAG employs over 100 people and turns over £7m a year.


Lincolnshire lad Nick has lived and breathed the fibreglass moulding industry since leaving school at 16, shaping his craft at a local company before leaving in 2008 to help look after his young son.


And that’s where the shed comes in! Nick started from his workshop at home, manufacturing Phenolic Ammunition cases for submarines. Within six months he was providing moulded parts for major players within the rail industry.


Almost 10 years on and after moving into increasingly larger premises – including taking over the site of the company where he started his career – MTAG is now based at Coningsby and is actively recruiting to meet ever growing demand.


Still supplying composite mouldings for rail companies, MTAG now also produces seat backs for commercial aircraft, manufactures 10-15 sailing boats per week and more recently is expanding again, by producing car components including a complete car with the build of an Iconic Road Car Project.


As one of the leading Phenolic, Epoxy and Polyester fibreglass moulders in the UK, MTAG can turn its hand to most customer requests… even producing parts for theme park rides and fire protection panels for underground stations such as Canary Wharf. Parts manufactured in Coningsby, Lincolnshire have been exported worldwide, destinations including China, Japan, Spain and Italy, as well as used widely within the UK.