MTAG is one of the leading Phenolic and Polyester fibreglass moulders in the UK, which makes us stand out from the rest of the crowd.

PhFire resistant Phenolic materials have a distinct advantage over other types of available resins, this is due mainly to a chemical structure that is unique and inherently fire resistant in the event of a fire. Phenolic mouldings do not readily burn, smoke and levels of toxic fumes are minimal.

Mass transit companies striving to improve levels of public safety, are specifying Phenolic mouldings because of these excellent characteristics. Phenolic composites are chosen to meet the stringent fire properties imposed by the rail industry.

As well as Phenolic, MTAG uses Epoxy and Polyester mouldings for the aerospace and leisure industries.

MTAG is dedicated to building long lasting working relationships with all of our customer base, through our hard work and professional service, we have established some great partnerships on projects within the aerospace, rail and leisure industries.


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We rely on MTAG to fabricate and build our UltraGuard personal fire protection systems, which are endorsed by many UK Fire Brigades. With a combination of fibreglass, electrical and mechanical components, the MTAG team put together these bespoke systems to our exact standards and are always responsive to our needs and ideas.” Ultra Surefire Ltd